Day 1 Reflection

Imani Wilson

On Thursday 1/19/2023 was my first day in the classroom of Mokena Elementary school. When I first arrived I sat in a rocking chair and the students began taking turns grabbing a piece of paper out of a bag. These papers had questions on them. All of the students took turns asking me questions in order to get to know me. After that we watched a video about a man that didn’t have an arm. Instead he had a mechanical arm. After the video, students began making their own mechanical arms. They used squares and taped them together and used straws to place where their fingers would go. They also threaded some string through the straws as a way to control the mechanical hand. It was an activity that allowed students to be engineers. Throughout the activity, I assisted the students with making their hand. My strengths were that I was always attentive toward the students. I was also moving around trying to help students when they needed help. My weakness is that I didn’t pay a lot of attention towards the students that did not ask for help. I need to spread myself out more across the classroom.

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