Day 2: Mountains and Math

Imani Wilson


On Thursday 1/26/2023 I helped the students with math. They learned about place value and how to write numbers in expanded form. Then they would use the expanded form method to subtract and add. My mentor teacher had the students use dry erase boards so they could write the problems and answers down. They also used circles to represent the numbers in the math problems. Then we went on to create our own landscapes. The students would crumble paper over their hand and then unfold the crumbled paper and stick it down on a separate sheet of paper. Then students used markers to outline the highest peas of their mountain. Lastly, they poured a little water over their mountains so that they could see the different directions the water would flow. What I need to work on is letting students do things themselves. I always want to make things easier for them, however, they are very capable and I need to push them to try for themselves.

Students doing expanded form math problems
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