Day 8: Creating Volcanoes and the Short “G”

Imani Wilson


On Thursday 3/16/2023 we focused on the soft “G” sound. The phonics lesson was a bit interesting, and I was able to help students identify words with the soft G sound and the Hard G sound. Since we have been talking about landforms and landscapes, the students were able to create their own. We used mini water bottles and wrapped them with salt clay to create texture to the volcanoes. After that, the students decorated their volcano on a paper plate and were even able to create land around their volcano if they chose to do so. This week my 2 strengths are being proactive with my lessons plans and accepting all of the feedback from my first one. My 2 weaknesses this week are to stop overthinking when I’m writing my lesson plans and to allow myself enough time so that i can get enough receptive feedback when I teach my lessons.

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